Exchanging Stress for Peace

Trade Stress for God's Peace

Early in 2019, I began to structure this new talk, Exchanging Stress for Peace. The title was brought about by the increasing number of friends and family that were experiencing life challenging times.  Little did I know that the 2020 Pandemic would heighten stress to a level beyond any of us could imagine.

How would you describe stress?  Interestingly, when we are asked to define stress, most of us describe what causes the stress for us, or the physical symptoms of stress, or the type of stress.  And that makes sense because stress is an experience; not a “thing.”

The talk addresses ways to deal with stress.  Did you know that our response to stress has a built-in mechanism for resilience to stress?


“Just because we’re in a stressful situation doesn’t mean that we have to get stressed out.  You may be in the storm, the key is don’t let the storm get in you.”