From Milk to Solid Food

This talk is for the Christian woman seeking a closer walk with God.

Patricia outlines spiritual disciplines that encourage women in becoming more mature Christians, and gives helpful suggestions for a spiritual diet of solid food.

The focus of the presentation is to encourage women to seek a closer walk with God; to bring a new and exciting reality of His presence.  For years I have served in ministry with a passion for reaching women who don’t know Christ.  During a women’s Bible study, one of the attendees with whom I served, told us that she didn’t read the Bible; only when she came to a Bible study about once a year.  I was saddened to hear that, and began to pray how I could make a difference in lives of women who are Christians, but don’t know Christ intimately.  I was inspired by 1 Corinthians 3:1-3 and began to write From Milk to Solid Food.

The more I present From Milk to Solid Food, the more I am empowered by the responses of women who thought they had a fulfilled relationship with Him. Their enthusiasm to incorporate some of the spiritual disciplines given in the talk is an encouragement for me, and a continual renewal of affirmation of the need for discipline.

The talk is approximately 1 hour which includes a structured time for interaction.  I have given the presentation to groups as many as ninety and as few as twelve.


“It is clear, practical and spiritually challenging.  You have infused it with your personal experiences and insights which bring the lessons to life.  I especially love your statement about the sorrows that women bear that others can’t see.  There isn’t one gal with whom this statement would not resonate.  Your “I love you, Jesus” is a “do-able” assignment that anyone, no matter the stage of her prayer life, would feel comfortable attempting. Emily Firnstahl, Stonecroft Speaker & Consultant So Cal, AZ, CO and Utah

You did a terrific job of encouragement, direction, and joy.  It was wonderful for new believers…but you had so many practical ideas and reminders for all of us. God Bless you and your message.

Your message was so inclusive and thought provoking and so well delivered.  Just wanted to give you some kudos and prayers that you can reach women who really need to hear your thoughts.

“Thank you Patricia for a wonderful, rich discussion today.”

“You are such a polished speaker. Your message is inclusive and thought provoking, and so well delivered.”

“Very interesting and thought provoking. You have encouraged me to implement some of your suggestions.”

“They did hear it from the Lord as His Spirit filled the room.  Everyone was so quiet you could almost hear their heartbeat.”